Making business impact by focusing on plastic in waste management

D&G Pacific leads the way in taking part of topical events and discussions in the field of sustainability and waste management. This time the event is focusing on the growing problem of plastic in our oceans, a lot of it around the coast of the Philippines. The event is organised by Business & Professional Women (BPW) Makati, an affiliate of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women, who wants to inspire the business leaders (both SMEs and corporations) to pave the way for change, and realize that they are empowered individuals to help our country. The audience is comprised of business and corporate leaders, NGOs lobbying for ocean conservation, SMEs/private sector in w

Manila is running out of places to put their trash

Landfills are closing left and right because non-segregated solid waste contaminates the ground water, releases toxic fumes to the air and generates unhealthy areas around us. D&G Pacific Corporation’s end-to-end solution for a MRF waste management and recycling system will reduce the need for landfills to the minimum. Our solution to the challenge also provides the needed education and awareness programs to the community to support the holistic approach to the whole chain of events that is needed for the change of this magnitude. While educating the people to understand the value of proper recycling, we also service the properties by hauling their waste, sanitising the garbage rooms with en



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