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Manila is running out of places to put their trash

Landfills are closing left and right because non-segregated solid waste contaminates the ground water, releases toxic fumes to the air and generates unhealthy areas around us.

D&G Pacific Corporation’s end-to-end solution for a MRF waste management and recycling system will reduce the need for landfills to the minimum. Our solution to the challenge also provides the needed education and awareness programs to the community to support the holistic approach to the whole chain of events that is needed for the change of this magnitude.

While educating the people to understand the value of proper recycling, we also service the properties by hauling their waste, sanitising the garbage rooms with environmentally friendly solutions and making sure it is properly recycled at the end of the waste cycle. With the development of MRF Materials Recycling Facilities we aim at zero waste management and cleaner future for all of us.

No more place for trash

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