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Groundbreaking and Time Capsule Laying of Multi-Layered Plastic Upcycling Facility | June 9, 2022

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Left to right: D&G Pacific Chief Operating Officer and Repurpose Inc. owner - Ms. Rea Yamsuan, D&G Pacific Legal Counsel and Repurpose Inc. owner - Atty. Poch Ambrosio, Alaska Milk Corporation Managing Director Mr. Tarang Gupta, D&G Pacific Chief Executive Officer and Repurpose Inc. owner - Mr. Edmund Dimalanta, Antipolo City Environment Waste Management Office Department Head - Ms. Violeta Sabulao-Faiyaz, Project Site Lot Owner - Atty. Edgar Tarriela, Alaska Milk Corporation Corporate Affairs Director - Atty. Maria Angela Esquivel, Frieslandcampina Senior Packaging Development Manager - Ms. Emily Punzalan, DMCI Homes Operations Manager - Mr. Frederick Rapinan and D&G Pacific Chief Finance Officer and Repurpose Inc. owner - Mr. Keith Harrison.

D&G Pacific is a leading local waste-management company founded in 2012. It provides customer-specific, environmentally aware cleaning and waste management service solutions for the private sector in the Philippines. It also helps develop self-liquidating and sustainable Materials Recovery Facilities with their ecologically conscious partners and clients.

“This initiative by AMC and D&G Pacific is a forward-thinking approach that the private sector can emulate. The City of Antipolo is very honored that we have been chosen to host this facility. We hope to be the best practice example to other cities looking into partnering with the private sector to help reduce plastic waste that is often thrown back to oceans and landfills,” said Violeta Faiyaz, City Environment and Waste Management Officer, on behalf of Antipolo City Mayor, Hon. Andrea Ynares.

This project will also collect single-use plastics being generated by AMC in the market to attain net-zero plastic waste for the company. This is just one of the various programs being launched by AMC to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.

Source: Full Article from Alaska Milk Corp Website:

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