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P45-M plastic upcycling facility opens in Antipolo

Alaska Milk Corp (AMC) and its partner, waste management firm D&G Pacific Corp, have formally opened their P45-million MLP ( multi-layered plastic ) Upcycling Facility in Antipolo.

The inauguration of the facility on Feb. 1 signaled the start of the venture’s commercial operations which involve the processing and recycling of single-use plastics into boards. The boards, in turn, can be used in furniture production or as construction material.

The Antipolo facility, according to AMC, is the first of its kind in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

“As a responsible producer of plastics used in the packaging of our products, Alaska Milk is devoted to recovering not just the same amount but even more volume of plastics we release in the market,” the company said in a statement.

“In the fast-paced society where we live in which plastics have become ubiquitous in our day-to-day living, strategic upcycling techniques and processes like these are a must and need to be expanded,” it added.

The milk company said the facility, which sits on a five-hectare property, produces what it calls “WoW” boards through the use of a new technology from TrashCon imported by D&G Pacific from India.

“The panels are completely recycled and do not use chemicals or additives during manufacturing, ensuring that the product is recyclable, termite-proof, and water-resistant,” AMC said.

The boards can also be reused up to eight times compared to the usual two to three-time usage of the typical plywood or phenolic boards, added the milk company.

AMC said the inauguration is also an invitation for potential partners and investors to expand the venture.


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