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Waste Management Education & Awareness

Change begins from awareness and understanding. D&G provides end-to-end waste management education and awareness programs to our communities. We help people to change the way communities treat their waste and address their common waste recycling challenges.


D&G Pacific provides various types of waste management education and awareness. The service is always tailored to meet the needs of the client and the target community.


Our courses give an understanding of the principal legal obligations associated with the proper management of waste. We offer very tangible ways for better understanding of environmental impacts, together with practical tools for the classification and handling of waste.


Our Waste Expert Trainer course is intended to staff with a responsibility for the identification, storage, transfer and disposal of waste onsite of the property, such as Health and Safety managers, Environmental managers, Facility managers, Property officers and Managers and alike.


Our trainers are specialised in environmentally conscious waste management with industrial experience gained in variety of sectors.

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