Safety is a way of life.

We provide customer-specific environmental cleaning and integrated waste management solutions for the private sector in the Philippines.

Disinfection Services

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Custom-Designed Services

D&G Pacific provides customer specific, environmentally aware cleaning and waste management service solutions for private sector in the Philippines. Our skilled and experienced employees are committed to continuous improvement in order to provide best possible results and long-term partnership to all our valuable customers.


Community Awareness Training

Waste Expert Training

Joint Oculars & Survey

Compliance Guideline

Waste Assessments & Recommendation

Waste Management Evaluation

Tailored Development Program

MRF Feasibility Evaluation


Oil Tanker cleaning

Shipping Vessel cleaning

Environmental Cleaning &

Integrated Waste Management

D&G Pacific aspires to provide the best quality cleaning and outstanding service solutions to our customers and partners. We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement of our systems as we design custom-fit solutions when we clean and protect the environment. We are experts in cleaning restaurants and fast-food chains, marine vessels, poultry farmhouses, zero-waste communities. 


Our non-toxic and eco-friendly solutions and services aim for optimum use. D&G leads the development of proper zero waste management through tailor fitting services for our customers and the use of advanced solutions from across the world. 



House Cleaning

Slat Cleaning

Feeder/Waterline Cleaning

Manure Handling


Solid Waste Collection


Garbage Room Cleaning


Disinfection Services

Exhaust Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning



Friends Who Believe In Us

The growing number of our long-term, satisfied clients are the best proof of the appreciation of making the sustainable choice for the environmentally friendly solution.


As we aspire to provide outstanding quality in all we do, D&G is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, sustainability and doing good for the whole. Our values are the enablers for the best, custom-fit solutions when we clean and protect our environment for cleaner future for all in the Philippines.